Learn about STD testing options in Albuquerque

that won't hurt your wallet

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Free STD & HIV Testing

What you can expect

  • Since some free clincs may do more than just testing, you may have to wait to be seen.

  • Some free clinics may have limted testing options based on what the lab can offer.

  • Some clinics may not have firm deadlines for when your test results will be returned.

  • Some free clinics may not offer convenient hours for testing.

Why let a free STD testing experience get in the way of your peace of mind? No one likes anxiety, especially when testing for STDs. We offer an affordable, non-invasive, and stress-free testing experience for all patients. Convenient. Simple. Hassle-Free STD Testing.

STD Testing Albuquerque

What you can expect

  • There's no need to schedule appointments, walk in anytime for testing.

  • Get tested for 8 of the most commmon STDs, all at once.

  • Get your test results returned usually within 3 business days.

  • Get your test results delievered to you securely online. No need ot visit the doctor's office.

  • We offer flexible payment options or you can use your insurance.

  • You can select one of the 7 convenient testing centers in Albuquerque to best serve you.

  • Regardless of your status, your privacy and billing information will remain secure.

  • If your test results return as positive, we offer options for treatement and care if appropriate.

Hassle-Free STD Testing, Designed For You

Get tested for 8 of the most common STDs

  • Chlamydia
  • Herpes 1
  • Gonorrhea
  • Herpes 2
  • Syphilis
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

Affordable pricing and flexible payment methods

Cost of STD testing

The cost of testing depends on the tests recommended for you, the location of the lab and the payment method you choose.

Pay out-of-pocket

Payment can be made using credit, debit, HSA and FSA cards. We also accept major insurance plans.

Need more information about payment options?

(505) 652-2912(505) 652-2912 5am-9pm MST, 7 days a week

I was very happy with your service. Everything was discrete, professional and very easy to get the testing set up. The test results were provided very fast, within 3 days. Anonymous patient
I was very pleased with the convinience, privacy, and speed of your service. I think STD testing is the responsible thing for every adult to do. I wanted to do it despite not having any suspicions or symptoms because I'm about to get married. Your service made it easy for me to do the responsible thing, thank you! Anonymous patient
Everything went really fast & smooth. Results were sent to me promptly. Anonymous patient